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Shell Shock Live 2

[Total: 69    Average: 4.4/5]

Similar to the original game that came out, Shell Shock Live, Shell Shock Live 2 is a multi-player arcade-style game. The players command large tanks and have to try and blow up the other players while also focusing on leveling their own tank up. The main mission of Shell Shock Live 2 is to drive a tank and use different weapons and tactics to defeat your enemies as you play. As a player you can join forces with other players and formulate a team or they have the option to play solo or death match in which the last tank standing wins. Something I personally love about the game is the ability for live chat which is great when you want to talk garbage to the other people playing the game. This game comes with more than 200 hundred different kids of weapons, 95 titles, subject campaign with 80 missions, and 50 different levels! With each level comes new weapons, experience, and tanks! And each of the weapons you unlock will have its own set of upgrades and tactics. A few of the weapons that can be unlocked would be grenades, earthquakes, shotguns, sparklers, and fireballs. Throughout the game you can find crates that contain these weapons or you can buy Weapon Packs to make them permanently available to you. The game itself doesn't cost a penny to play, and for the amount of levels and weapons that come with the game this is an amazing feature. Each of the weapons found throughout the game should be used differently according to what kind of damage it gives, and this will be discovered as you keep playing the game. The controls of the game are neither complicated nor confusing, which makes it easy to focus on the main goal of annihilating the other players. Prepare to be enthralled as you journey through the levels and destroy all your enemies (and friends, of course) in this shooting game multi-player extravaganza!

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